Special Supplement…. Elitism

Elitissimo… Home Beautiful Supplement for your Camper

It is with great pleasure that today I am able to provide a Supplement to your normal newsletter… Partially sponsored by our Italian design guru, but especially for elitist campers who are travelling in an an ELITE Camper!
Looking for that little something extra to make your life on the road a dream?? Then look no further, Elitissimo has the answer!

A: Cooker… Single burner, runs on butane gas cylinder… Used with the grill plate
NB. We tried the toaster rack with this…. Hopeless! Save your money.. We bought a little toaster!!
B: Stove top grill plate.. This is awesome for BBQ steak, chicken etc. fast!
C: silicon squashable flat pack plates… Fantastic, flat for packing, comes in dinner plate, bowls & cups…. & different colours, but obviously if colour matches your bike it is better! A plastic measure cup, chopping mat, collapsible colander is also handy!
A small tray to balance on your knees when eating also handy.
Cutlery … Knife, fork, spoon, tongs, BBQ scraper, pair of scissors, cooks knife, cigarette/gas lighter. We also got a silicon BBQ cooking mat from Woolies… You just place it on top of a BBQ plate, cook your dinner, then wash the mat & reuse… Saves having to clean the BBQ plate or cook on a dirty one!
D: JetBoil .. Perhaps the most awesome cooking system invented, very fast, efficient. Quite expensive to buy, but so worth the initial outlay. We have a small JetBoil used just for making cuppas, another larger Sumo JetBoil… Good for boiling up noodles, a Group JetBoil cooking system.. For cooking one pot wonders!!! And a frypan… Stir fries etc. you could probably get by with just the little JetBoil & a group system pot!
E: Pantry cupboard .. Gives your kitchen a touch of class… Ingredients at your fingertips & away from insects. NB. You will need a hook to hang this up on the side support bar.
F: wine glasses & coolers obviously redundant for teatotallers. Having self named coolers is a good idea.. In case you forget who you are after too many beverages
G: rubber bristled broom/scraper : this is dual purpose … Sweeping (bristle side!) and scraping off excess water if you are unlucky enough to have to pack up in the wet or mud. The broom washes off easily, telescopic handle is a bonus!
H: Tea towel : bring a couple of these… Dark coloured ones are betterimage
I : coat hangers … I have brought 4 of these, great for hanging up the tea towel to dry overnight, & also to dry off any clothes etc
J: storage cubes .. Now these are heaps better than plastic boxes, because they collapse down or rise up according to the amount of stuff you put inside. Providing they are zippered up & no holes, they are insect proof.. Great for storage of food/kitchen stuff. But….. Don’t forget to bring plastic zip lock bags, a roll of cling wrap & washing up liquid!
K: kitchen bench/sink .. Now this is NOT extravagant. If you are going to keep the little woman happy, get one of these! NO-ONE likes crouching when preparing meals (ie in the western world) my table has a sink, so i am one happy camper! Note also the hanging rack on the back.. Cool eh! Also, mine has a shelf underneath for placing stuff up off the ground. The table all folds up flat & goes on the floor of the trailer.
L: collapsible stool .. We have 2 of these; dual purpose.. Coffee Table for wine/bickie moments, somewhere to put the mealtime condiments; to stand on when attaching lights etc; or if like me (ie vertically challenged) you will need this to get into/out of bed without causing discomfort..
M: doona … Space is important, thus a feather doona squashes down to next to nothing & is toasty warm!image
N: mirror .. I know there are mornings when it is probably better you didn’t look into the mirror, but on the off chance you need to glam up, this is better than the mirror in your compact!
O: carpet .. A picnic blanket doubles as carpet for the boudoir. Nice & toasty to hop out of bed onto when it’s freezing outside!
P: soft storage bags ..different sizes for your clothes, I have an undies/sock bag, t-shirt/shorts etc … Get a different colour bag for your travelling companion so they don’t wear your undies by mistake!
Q: egg shell mattress …place this over your foam mattress… Soooooo comfy. Also stops you from perspiring a whole heap in the hotter weather
R: pee bucket… Nothing worse than scoring a campsite six miles away from the amenities block… More so when it is cold, wet, windy, dark, scary outside.
S: quilt….. Collect a patch from each place you visit & sew it onto your quilt.. A great momento of your holiday & possibly all you can carry as you have no space due to all the other junk you are carrying!
T: heater… A necessity… Don’t leave home without it
U: towels. Small towels are better, even better, a chamois for when you go swimming.. This doubles as a bathmat..don’t bring a beach towel… Waste of space!
V: telescopic extension stick… Used to push out the inner bars (behind the bed) & for pushing up the roof.. You could stand on the stool…but falling off it could stuff your holiday!!
W: LED lighting.. Pretty cool eh! Adds to the ambience of the camper! NB. We have a dimmer switch on our setup… Great for those candlelit suppers!! This system runs off the Battery 12v…… Battery stored in the newly designed sub-floor battery box!
X: fold up chairs… Beats sitting on the floor!
Y: interlocking mats.. We have brought 8 of these, probably could get away with 6
Z: tarpaulin .. A couple of these..one to go over the bed once you have packed it up, another to go over the bed roof … On the outside you goose, this is great if it has been raining, or heavy dew on packup morning. This has also saved our canvas when a flock if birds decided to use the tree we were under as the public bird lavatory!
Well, until next time… Happy camping!


9 thoughts on “Special Supplement…. Elitism

    • Hiya Ron! I guess Robert Timms coffee bags don’t really cut it do they…. Will need to make a spot… Especially now we are sponsoring Italian Gucci design mags!!!

      Sent from my iPad

  1. What a list – don’t know Jet boils – but obviously good! I always like to read how other people do it! Where are you carrying your heels?

    • Oh come on Barb! You know me…. They are in the hat box with my ball gown & tiara!

      Re the JetBoil… Next time you are in a good camping store.. Check them out… Truly the best cooking system out.. Expensive but with every cent!

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Hi Beth and Howie,

    Great to read your blogs. First Bix and I have been home for a fortnight now, how the time flies, butthinking back it seems such a long time ago. The photos are great and make me think of our trip to Uluru and Alice springs in 2012.
    Since we have been home we have had a number of night with temperatures well below zero, I hope things will have warmed up a bit by the time you get back to Canberra.
    For all the none believer reading Beth’s supplementary blog, “YES” everything goes into the cubbyhouse. It is really a marvel to see them do there magic unpacking and repacking it.



  3. I would love to camp next to them with our Elite camper and the four of us…yes we are a family of four. We have 2 teenagers (one girl, one boy) who come camping with us, we’re in the Elite and they’re under the “2nd awning” with their tents. So we’re bringing 2 extra tents, bed rolls and sleeping bags…all in the Elite. Yep you read right….all in the Elite! We’ve been camping for years and this is our 3rd camper and our favourite. Its takes up less room everywhere….at home in the carport, on the road and at the camp site. People have walked up to us and been amazed at what comes out of it…..meaning all our “stuff”….it just fits in if you only bring what you actually need and use. Anyway Happy Camping to ya from the Cookkiieess xxxxx

    • Hi Donna! so pleased that the blog is still getting hits!!! was a truly great trip & the camper was the best!! We got the storage cubes from Kathmandu.. the outdoor shop. We got them on sale at their DFO outlet shop. wishing you a great time with the camper! Beth

      • Thanks for the reply.
        We will take a look there. I’ve found some others online but they seem smaller than the ones pictured.
        I thought this must have been a relatively new blog. Didn’t realize it went back to 2013.
        Our dream is to take the Elite around Australia in the not too distant future.
        I will pull up your trip and go through it with Murray over the weekend.

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